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Tolix Chair Set Of 2

Original price ₹ 14,995
Original price ₹ 14,995 - Original price ₹ 14,995
Original price ₹ 14,995
Current price ₹ 9,995
₹ 9,995 - ₹ 9,995
Current price ₹ 9,995
Size: W: 16" D: 16" SH: 18" TH: 36"
Color: Matte Cream
Material: Mild Steel and Mango Wood

the element collection brings together simple and elegant chairs intricately crafted from natural elements such as metal or wood, aesthetically designed to blend into any home setting
A favourite of cafés and restaurants around the world, the French industrial style Tolix chair was originally designed by Xavier Pauchard in the mid 60's.

The chair is crafted in a light sturdy mild-steel frame with a wooden slatted seat detail, making it outdoor friendly, easily portable and stackable.

The simplicity and versatility of this chair makes it an ideal fit for any space; be it the dining room or the patio.

Key Features
Light and Portable

Outdoor Friendly


Versatile Design


Variety of Customisable Colours Available

This product is handcrafted by skilled artisans, and therefore will have minor variations.

Actual product colour may vary from the images shown due to lighting conditions.

Products crafted with natural materials often exhibit certain inherent inconsistencies. Hence the product you receive may be subject to conditions such as natural colour variation and grain structure.

Contact us for Customisations.


• Wipe periodically and gently with a moist cloth.

• Excessive wetting of the fabric may result in permanent damage to the material.

• Clean only with water-based shampoo or foam upholstery cleaner. 


• Avoid placing it in direct sunlight and rain.

• Wipe periodically and gently with a moist cloth.

• Avoid using detergent and heavy cleansers.

Cane, Metal, Cast Iron:  

• Suggested use in covered outdoor areas.

• Avoid placing it in direct sunlight and rain for prolonged durations.

• Wipe periodically and gently with a moist cloth.

• Avoid using detergent and heavy cleansers.

Furniture: 6 months warranty (subject to T&C)

Lighting: 1 month warranty (subject to T&C)

This limited warranty does not apply to:

Normal wear and tear.

Damage or scratches, caused by impacts or accidents .

Products that have been stored incorrectly, used inappropriately, or cleaned using the wrong cleaning methods or cleaning products. (e.g. fabric on chairs will lighten over time if exposed to direct sunlight and with periodic cleaning)

No warranty on upholstery and fabrics

Unsafe handling, alterations, accidents or repairs attempted or made by any personnel other than by an authorised technician.

Featured In

The Tolix chair is a versatile and tasteful stackable chair. Tolix chairs are made of powder-coated steel and come in a variety of colours. They are ideal for cafés, restaurants, and clubs. This chair is extremely durable and suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Tolix chairs have numerous advantages and are extremely popular. They are comfortable and long-lasting allowing you to find the perfect match for your decor.

What Is Tolix?

The Tolix chair is a French design that dates back to the 1930s. This chair was designed with a simple design that would make it suitable for public areas and was intended to last outdoors in all weather conditions. Its slim profile made it easy to stack and was designed for ease of maintenance. This chair is still widely used in hospitals, offices, and factories today. It is also well-liked by celebrities and designers. This is due to the Tolix chair's design and functionality.

Tolix, in contrast to traditional wooden chairs, is an ergonomic chair that can be used for extended periods of time. Tolix chairs are not only comfortable, but they are also long-lasting. They are made of metal and are ideal for use in cafes, restaurants, and clubs. Tolix chairs are ideal for those looking for a stylish piece of furniture without sacrificing comfort. So, if you're looking for a high-quality Tolix chair, look no further!

What Is The Tolix Style?

Tolix Style is a type of seating with a grooved seat and a unique design that provides extra support. The seats are also waterproof and have intricate holes to prevent water damage. Tolix chairs are made of metal and solid wood, and they are comfortable. There is a Tolix chair to suit every taste and budget.

For many years, the Tolix style has been popular. It was originally designed as outdoor furniture to reflect the French way of life. Its timeless appearance and easy stackability make it popular with designers and people all over the world. It is now used in a variety of settings, including offices, bars, and outdoor activity centres. Consider investing in a Tolix-style chair if you're looking for a one-of-a-kind seating option for your home.

The Tolix Chair Design

In recent years, the Tolix Chair design has gained worldwide acclaim, with notable supporters including Sir Terence Conran. It is also a more environmentally friendly option than other types of furniture.

Tolix chairs are iconic designs known for their durability and usability. They were created in 1934 by Xavier Pauchard and have become a symbol of industrial style. They are strong and lightweight because they are made of metal tubing and steel sheet. The Tolix chair has won numerous awards and is now in the collections of several museums. 

Tolix is a timeless design that can be stacked to save space. They are made of steel and have a surprisingly comfortable design that is ideal for any workspace. The stacked-style design adds retro charm to any space. These chairs are made of modern materials but have an industrial feel to them. At Home Canvas, you can find designs for Tolix chairs.

Features Of A Tolix Chair

When looking for a new chair, think about the various features you want in a piece of furniture. This iconic collection has changed the landscape of industrial design since its debut nearly a century ago. Despite their industrial nature, these iconic pieces continue to captivate public attention. If you're thinking about purchasing a Tolix chair, keep the following features in mind.


Comfortable - If you want a chair made of high-quality steel, you should look into the Tolix chair. This chair is ideal for any room, whether at home or in the office. It is comfortable, and its contemporary design works well in both commercial and residential settings.Water-resistant - Tolix chairs are constructed from high-quality materials such as galvanised steel and rust-resistant metal. They are made of these materials, which make them both durable and weather-resistant. Tolix chairs are also made to withstand the elements and are thus appropriate for outdoor use.Versatile - When it comes to the versatility of a Tolix chair, the steel material and modern design will complement many different rooms in the house. This chair can be used at the dining table or elsewhere in the house. Because of its adaptability, you can mix and match the chair with various interior elements.Colour - Tolix chairs are available in cream and black colours at Home Canvas. We can customise a bulk order to the needs of the customer.Design - TheTolix chairwas invented to be used outside in any weather. Its seat has drainage holes for rain. Tolix chairs are well-known for their versatility and simplistic design.Light and portable - TheTolix Chairis a piece of furniture that has become iconic. Unlike most office chairs, this one is lightweight and portable. Its compact, steel construction makes it simple to transport from one room to the next. It is also suitable for use outside.Stackable - The stackableTolix Chairis ideal for commercial and hospitality settings. Its simple, stackable design makes it an ideal choice for a variety of settings.Why Choose Home Canvas?

We believe in being efficient while maintaining the aesthetic value of your home at Home Canvas. The pieces in your home should complement one another and add utility. A wide collection of Tolix Chairs are available on our website. If you're looking for a cross-back chair, Thonet chair, cafe chairs online, or want to buy dining chairs online, Home Canvas has the perfect item in our collection. Home Canvas allows you to customise your home with various options. Our handcrafted, artisan-made pieces will complement your home decor. 


The Tolix chair from Home Canvas is a classic chair that is ideal for the patio or deck. It is both functional and stylish. The Tolix is a classic 1930s design that was first produced in France and is now housed in many famous museums, including the Pompidou Centre and the Vitra Museum. The Tolix is a versatile and durable outdoor chair with a light, mild-steel frame and a slatted wood seat that can be easily transported.

Frequently Asked Questions

To make the tolix chair is made from mild steel and mango wood. These materials make the quality of the chair superior and provide the capacity to last longer in both outdoor and indoor conditions.

You can buy a tolix chair in a variety of colors, finishes, and varnishes. The best part is, for bulk orders, you can get a tolix chair in most of the primary and secondary colors.

Tolix chairs are made to offer comfort. Some of the key features of such a chair include: Powder coated finish , Galvanized metal for strength , Maximum durability , Stackable design for convenience , Anti-skid buffers offer maximum protection.

The best way to take care of the tolix chair along with the cross-back chairs are as follows: Use protected covers, Be careful while using so and cleaners to clean, Check out for any rust or corrosion, Prevent it from direct rain

If you buy a tolix chair from Home Canvas, you will get a 6-month warranty subject to terms and conditions. You can also check our modern bar stools available for various budgets.

The maximum height of the tolix chair from Home Canvas tends to be 36 inches in total. Whereas, the height of the seat from the floor is 18 inches.

The exact width of the chair measures to be 16 inches by 16 inches.


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