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Study Tables

  • Standi Desk

    Original price ₹ 12,995 - Original price ₹ 13,995
    Original price ₹ 12,995 - Original price ₹ 13,995
    Original price ₹ 12,995
    ₹ 9,995 - ₹ 10,995
    ₹ 9,995 - ₹ 10,995
    Current price ₹ 9,995


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  • Arya Study Table

    Original price ₹ 45,000
    Original price ₹ 45,000 - Original price ₹ 45,000
    Original price ₹ 45,000
    Current price ₹ 35,999
    ₹ 35,999 - ₹ 35,999
    Current price ₹ 35,999

    The urban sophistication lives on in Arya Study Table, a furniture collection destined to command attention. Defined by clean lines and material co...

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  • Art Deco Study Table

    Original price ₹ 34,630
    Original price ₹ 34,630 - Original price ₹ 34,630
    Original price ₹ 34,630
    Current price ₹ 27,699
    ₹ 27,699 - ₹ 27,699
    Current price ₹ 27,699

    Art Deco would be called a movement that was defined by its bold features and often eclectic in its concept. The brass legs and rivet details in th...

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  • Toshi Study Table

    Original price ₹ 38,000
    Original price ₹ 38,000 - Original price ₹ 38,000
    Original price ₹ 38,000
    Current price ₹ 30,399
    ₹ 30,399 - ₹ 30,399
    Current price ₹ 30,399

    Our Toshi Range is a perfect example of an innovative design where cement an outdoor material is explored on the furniture surface, and traditional...

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  • The Chandigarh Study Table

    Original price ₹ 47,995
    Original price ₹ 47,995 - Original price ₹ 47,995
    Original price ₹ 47,995
    Current price ₹ 34,995
    ₹ 34,995 - ₹ 34,995
    Current price ₹ 34,995

    A CLASSIC STUDY TABLE^ Work in style with our sophisticated study table. Having a multitude of functions, it will add style and functionality to yo...

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  • Porto Study Table

    Original price ₹ 12,995 - Original price ₹ 13,995
    Original price ₹ 12,995 - Original price ₹ 13,995
    Original price ₹ 12,995
    ₹ 9,995 - ₹ 10,995
    ₹ 9,995 - ₹ 10,995
    Current price ₹ 9,995

    A portable study table that is easy to move, providing the flexibility to work from your bed or your couch^ THE PORTO PLUS COMES WITH WHEELS Ke...

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  • Hairpin Study Table

    Original price ₹ 26,032
    Original price ₹ 26,032 - Original price ₹ 26,032
    Original price ₹ 26,032
    Current price ₹ 20,826
    ₹ 20,826 - ₹ 20,826
    Current price ₹ 20,826

    Choosing the right study table for your home may seems a simple process, but this simple item can be the design element which unifies your home dec...

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  • Andaman Teressa Study Table

    Original price ₹ 58,749
    Original price ₹ 58,749 - Original price ₹ 58,749
    Original price ₹ 58,749
    Current price ₹ 46,999
    ₹ 46,999 - ₹ 46,999
    Current price ₹ 46,999

    Explore the Andaman Study Table – meticulously crafted from warm-toned acacia wood. Its elongated oval tabletop, adorned with a visible grain, is b...

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With the emerging trend of online education and work schedules, study tables have become a necessary investment in our homes. In addition to offering a functional solution for your working needs, a study table from Home Canvas can be an attractive addition as a laptop table for work from home. Firstly, a study table can help you stay focused while studying or working as a space designated for focused concentration. Secondly, a safe study space in your home will allow you to easily separate your work or education from other personal activities to create a balanced lifestyle. In the current environment, buying a study table online is your best option, and Home Canvas has the largest collection of portable study tables. 

Having a separate work area for studying can help you achieve good organisation and focus. Whether you are studying or working, you can choose to purchase a laptop table for work-from-home.  

What To Consider When Buying A Study Table Online

These are the following things to consider when buying a Study Table online 


When you are gearing up to purchase a study table online, make sure to measure the room in which it will be placed. A study table can be larger or smaller, depending on the exact function it will serve. For the best storage space, choose a slightly larger table. Keeping the height, length and width in mind will help you make the right choices. Another option for a study desk that is good for you physically is a standing table desk, this comes with many health benefits.


When buying a study table online, another important factor to keep in mind is comfort. As a student or employees would be spending the majority of their days at the table, it is vital that the table is comfortable. An ergonomically correct workstation would be beneficial. A comfortable table will reduce your risk of health ailments such as back pain and increase your overall productivity. 

Space Available 

One thing to consider for buying a study table is the storage space you require. Make a list of all the things you would need to keep on your table; books, files, papers, laptops and notebooks. This list will help you when you want to select a study table online, with stationary storage compartments or drawers. 


You should consider buying a table that caters to your specifications such as height. The wood frame of the table should be strong and sturdy, it should be made well so that the investment is worth the purchase. A sturdy table with adequate space for books, supplies, gadgets and charging cords, should be the choice you make. 

Strong Build 

The table should be made from a sturdy material, durable and strong, The frame should be well-made and offer a weight capacity of at least 150 to 250 pounds. The table should be waterproof in case of spilling and the legs should be stable and wobble-free. 


When it comes to choosing the right material for your study table, there are a lot of options. You can opt for a wooden or metal surface to give your space a stylish look and feel. Aside from this, you can also choose a table with a modern or contemporary design. If you intend to shift your study table a lot, then you may want to consider one made from a lighter material. 

Different Types of Study Tables

There are different types of study tables available, and choosing the best one depends on your requirements. There are study tables for home use and those for office use. 

Office Use

Study tables have many benefits for your home or office, and these can divide the room into separate work and personal sections, helping you maintain your work-home balance. A good study table is also extremely functional and can boost your productivity. Here are the different types of study tables for office use;

Computer Study Table

These have also been popular and now are in demand for students and professionals alike. They are multifunctional and convenient, as well as affordable. They are designed with storage space so that they can serve many functions. You can use laptops and write on these tables. 

Work-From-Home Table

Another option for a study table is the Work-From-Home table. If you are working from home and need to create a small office space, you can use this type of table. You can keep it in a spare or guest room to create a home-office environment.  

Executive Study Table

An executive study table is perfect for every work mode. Featuring a spacious tabletop and space-saving design, this table is highly durable. The table is a perfect fit for any modern office or home, however, it can also be used in traditional settings such as a study room. 

Home Use

Apart from office use, you can buy study tables for home use as well. It is especially useful for online education and remote work. A laptop table for work from home helps boost concentration and improves reading and writing. The study table design is important for productivity at home. You can find study tables in various styles that fit your personality and needs. Here are the different types of study tables for home use.

Wall-Mounted Study Table

If you’re looking for a modern and sleek desk that offers ample storage space, look no further than a wall-mounted study table. Made from sturdy engineered wood and finished in a beautiful teak finish, the table folds up to create a full-functioning desk space. However, the most important feature is its space-saving capabilities.

Foldable Study Table

A foldable study table is easy to store and transport. It is sturdy and durable and can be used as a laptop table. These study tables can easily be packed into a common cardboard box. It is a portable study table that you can easily transport from one room to the other. These can also be used as a side table or a laptop/appliance stand. 

Student Use

If you are a student you need to buy a study table online to focus better on your school work. You can keep your laptop or computer as well as have notebooks open. Students should remember that a good study table will help them concentrate and boost productivity. Here are a few different options.

Study Desk Table

This is a simple type of study table where you can keep all your necessary school items, such as study lamps, laptops, books and notebooks. You can choose from metal, plastic, glass or plywood as material options. 

Corner Study Table

Another option is a corner study table, this is an L-shaped table that works to maximise space in a room. This table also offers more space as it has two sections and is a great option if multiple individuals want to use it. 

How To Buy A Study Table Online

Buying a study table online can be a great way to get multiple options and collections in one location. There are different types and colours available that are both stylish and practical. Choosing the right study table for your room or home can improve your productivity and satisfaction. 

The study table you choose should complement the interior aesthetic of your home, whether it is more traditional, contemporary or modern, the table would have to blend in seamlessly. If you want a one-stop solution to your study table needs, browse the Home Canvas collection of study tables online. You will get different collections, types, sizes, materials and designs at affordable rates. Our tables are not only functional but also easy to assemble and use. In a few easy steps, you can browse, select, add to your cart and get a study table delivered straight to your home.

Advantages Of Buying A Study Table For Students Online

The advantages of buying a study table online are that they are available in thousands of designs and prices. You can choose your perfect study tables based on colour, size, design and price. With our easy-to-use interface, Home Canvas is the obvious choice of your purchase. Buying it online also saves time and energy. 

Focus and Productivity 

A comfortable study table will prevent distractions and help the students stay focused on their studies. This will be a great investment for both the parents and the children. 

Express Delivery

Another advantage of buying the study table online is the express delivery. With this feature, you can get the table delivered and assembled in just a few days. 

Decor Fit 

With the variety offered at Home Canvas, you can get the right table for your home’s interior aesthetics.

Types of Tables Available at Home Canvas

Our tables are available in multiple lengths, forms and heights. Each table has various specific functions that cater to your different requirements. Browse the tables below to know more!

StanDi Desk

Sitting behind your desk all day is bad for your health and experts have long been advising people to stand at their workstations for about 15 minutes an hour. But research shows that people should be standing for at least 30 minutes per hour to get health benefits. The benefits of standing at your desk are; lowered risks of weight gain, lowered blood sugar, lowered risk of heart diseases, reduced back pain and boosted productivity. 

This is a compact and adjustable standing desk, reflecting the importance of standing while working, however, giving you the option of a conventional work desk as well. The standing desk gives the utmost flexibility and customisation for your work needs. Available in two variants, Standard and Plus. It is made with premium quality birch and comes in a Walnut colour. The ergonomically designed foldable desk has nine levels and comes with a high-quality water-resistant PU Coated Bag with Foam Padding. This desk is travel-friendly and portable.

Porto Study Desk 

The Porto Study Table by Home Canvas is an easy-to-move portable study table for bed which provides you with the flexibility of working from home, even in the comfort of your bed. Due to its adjustable nature, it is the perfect study table for individuals who prefer working in the comfort of their couches or beds. The base of the table has smooth metal castor wheels, making it easy to shift around your home. The table, although delivered knocked-down, is incredibly easy to assemble, with only three movable parts. This desk is available with 6 adjustable height levels and comes in the Standard size of 22-inch length, 12-inch breadth and 31-inch height. The maximum height is 30 inches and the minimum height is 22 inches. The premium quality table is made from Rubber Wood and Beech Wood in a Walnut shade. 

Float Study Table

The Float Study Table, true to its name, transforms any corner of your home into a productive space. It is a foldable, easy-to-mount study table with a 2 tier storage facility, creating a constructive and effective work environment, wherever it goes. This wall-mountable study table is made from Rubberwood and is available in the standard size with a length of 24 inches, depth of 22 inches and height of 6 inches. This compact foldable table is available in a beautiful walnut shade. 

Buy a Study Table Online From Home Canvas

At Home Canvas we believe in being efficient while maintaining the aesthetic value of your home. The pieces that you have in your home should complement each other and add utility. The folding and portable desks are all adjustable while still being visually appealing. A standing work table is a versatile option as it allows you to adjust to a variety of room schematics. These multi-purpose hardwood tables can meet a wide range of your work needs, as a professional, student or others. Home Canvas gives you the opportunity to buy study tables and optimise your workspace with multiple options of foldable desks. 

Browse now, on our website to add these tables which are stylish and utilitarian pieces of furniture that suit your needs, to your home!

Frequently Asked Questions

There are many different types of study tables, including standing tables, floating desks, adjustable portable laptop tables, and more. The table can be chosen based on your needs and preferences.

When you have to buy study table online, it all comes down to your level of comfort. However, to support your body posture ergonomically, the best height for a study table is always between 26 and 30 inches.

Drawers are an added benefit of a study table, but they are not necessary. You can add or remove drawers from a table based on their usage and functionality.

It might range from INR 7500 to above INR 10,000 depending on the brand, the material, and the size.

When selecting the ideal study table for your house, there are many different factors to take into account. The table's construction material should be your initial priority. For study tables, wood is a popular material option. Make sure to ascertain your precise needs before making a purchase. Additionally, be sure to confirm the table's height.

Products from Home Canvas are made with working professionals in mind. You can select the furniture based on your preferences for style, price, and workspace requirements. The work-from-home table we offer can be used for multiple purposes. The STANDi desk, for instance, is ideal for using your laptop, preparing business proposals, or setting up a mini office in your bedroom.

You'll require a desk that meets your demands if you're working from home. Your laptop should have enough room on your desk. Think about the style, size, and material of the desk you want to buy. Select the portable option that suits you the most.

You must choose how you will utilise the laptop table before you go out and buy one if you plan to work from home. The most practical laptop table is one that is portable and provides you the flexibility to work from anywhere. You can shop study tables online at Home Canvas

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