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Cross Back Chair Set Of 2

Original price ₹ 29,995
Original price ₹ 16,995 - Original price ₹ 29,995
Original price ₹ 29,995
Current price ₹ 23,995
₹ 12,995 - ₹ 23,995
Current price ₹ 23,995
Size: W: 16" D: 16" SH: 18" TH: 34"
Color: Natural and Matte Black
Material: Mango Wood Frame and Seat

the element collection brings together simple and elegant chairs intricately crafted from natural elements such as metal or wood, aesthetically designed to blend into any home setting
The uniquely designed Cross Back Chair, is aesthetically and ergonomically crafted in solid wood with a curved back detailing. The backrest of the chair consists of two metal slats curved to form an X shape, giving the chair its distinct charm and name.

Key Features
Light and Portable

Sleek Design

Solid Wood


Versatile Design

This product is handcrafted by skilled artisans, and therefore will have minor variations.

Actual product colour may vary from the images shown due to lighting conditions.

Products crafted with natural materials often exhibit certain inherent inconsistencies. Hence the product you receive may be subject to conditions such as natural colour variation and grain structure.

Contact us for Customisations.


• Wipe periodically and gently with a moist cloth.

• Excessive wetting of the fabric may result in permanent damage to the material.

• Clean only with water-based shampoo or foam upholstery cleaner. 


• Avoid placing it in direct sunlight and rain.

• Wipe periodically and gently with a moist cloth.

• Avoid using detergent and heavy cleansers.

Cane, Metal, Cast Iron:  

• Suggested use in covered outdoor areas.

• Avoid placing it in direct sunlight and rain for prolonged durations.

• Wipe periodically and gently with a moist cloth.

• Avoid using detergent and heavy cleansers.

Furniture: 6 months warranty (subject to T&C)

Lighting: 1 month warranty (subject to T&C)

This limited warranty does not apply to:

Normal wear and tear.

Damage or scratches, caused by impacts or accidents .

Products that have been stored incorrectly, used inappropriately, or cleaned using the wrong cleaning methods or cleaning products. (e.g. fabric on chairs will lighten over time if exposed to direct sunlight and with periodic cleaning)

No warranty on upholstery and fabrics

Unsafe handling, alterations, accidents or repairs attempted or made by any personnel other than by an authorised technician.

Featured In

A popular chair on the market that is frequently described as being both elegant and rustic is the cross-back chair. The chair gets its name from the two crossed hardwood straps that make up the back. This crossover is not only unique and classy but also serves an important function in connecting the various components of the structure. As a result, some call it a cross-back chair, while others prefer the more straightforward term x-back chair. It is also known as cross-back farm chairs and farmhouse cross-back chairs.

Weddings, ceremonies, and celebrations are popular venues for using these chairs. Event planners use them for both formal parties and themes with a Tuscan flair. The chair's simple construction is what gives it its popular sleek appearance. The structure of the chair, which consists of plain, rounded rails and legs, flows well. The support spindles, which bend to almost a half-circle, are its most striking feature.

Cross-back chairs are very important to the decor of your home not only from the standpoint of completing the aesthetic of your area. However, your family's comfort is also dependent on how well they work. Cross-back chairs are popular because of their sturdy design and distressed details complementing rustic farmhouse décor. Their x-back, curved legs, and woven rattan seat give them a natural appearance. The seat has more padding and contrasts nicely with the wood.

From Home Canvas, you can purchase cross-back chairs made of solid wood that has been stained.

The Origins Of Cross-Back Chairs

Cross-back chairs are among the most popular types of chairs. These chairs frequently have a countryside feel to them, but the aesthetic is rustic and exquisite.

Cross-back chairs first appeared in French bistros in the twentieth century. They have bottom supports that are very similar to bentwood chairs, but instead of rounded arcs, they have flattened wood strips that cross in the back. One of the most distinguishing features of cross-back chairs is how they were originally constructed. To make the hardwood components, beech wood slats were heated to 212 degrees Fahrenheit, pressed into curved cast-iron moulds, and dried at around 158 degrees Fahrenheit for 20 hours.

Material For Cross-Back Chairs

The Cross-Back Chair has become popular among the younger generation. Its simple, curved, and comfortable shape will appeal to everyone.

The Home Canvas Cross-Back model is now the industry favourite. The Home Canvas cross-back chair is a stunning addition to any space because it is both attractive and well-made to last. Because of its beauty and durability, this elegant chair made of acacia wood or mild steel has quickly become a standard in the field and a modern classic. 

It's easy to see why it's become one of our best-sellers. These chairs have non-skid, non-marking feet for long-lasting durability, as well as impact-resistant legs and feet to prevent splintering and wear. The Home Canvas Wood Cross-Back Chair will look great in your room for years to come.

Here are the two versions available on Home Canvas:

Acacia Wood Frame - Acacia is an extremely durable wood. Its density and hardness make it ideal for heavy-use items like dining tables and dining benches. These pieces will last for decades if properly maintained.Mild Steel Frame - When it comes to stealing praise for its versatility and cost-effectiveness, few materials can compete with mild steel. The world's most common type of steel, it has numerous applications and is used on a daily basis, and it can be cut to size and modified as needed.What Colour Are Cross-Back Chairs?

Home Canvas offers a variety of colour options, with Matt black and natural black standing out.

In addition to providing clients with our colour cards and images to choose from, we can also provide samples if needed. We can create a confirmation sample with the customer's photo or table colour matching specifications and preserve the bottom so that the client can confirm the order and use it for future orders. Furthermore, we can customise a bulk order to a customer’s needs. 

Why Choose A Cross-Back Chair? 

Cross-back chairs are both ergonomic and pleasant. One of the most admired features of these contemporary chairs is their adaptability. They look great in almost any type of home décor, though modern farmhouse accents are most commonly seen with them! They look equally at home with French rural or coastal décor as they do with a rustic trestle table. Nothing is worse than a sore back from sitting in an uncomfortable chair, no matter how nice your design set looks or how well it fits your room.

When one has lower back pain, the lumbar support provided by the pieces that make up the curved x can be surprising. Cross-back chairs were frequently recommended as study or dining chairs for people with back problems when looking for the best chair for lower back pain. If more support is required, cushions can be added.

Here are a few more reasons why you must consider buying a cross-back chair:

Persistent pattern - The cross chair is the most popular design after the bamboo chair and folding chair. These chairs can be found in a variety of settings, including your dining room, garden parties, and weddings.Competitive pricing - Due to the chair's extremely competitive pricing, people can easily purchase a chair at a reasonable price.Various styles - There are several styles to choose from, and there are more options for the seat plate and the back, as well as additional material options.Versatility - Wedding venues, churches, cafes, outdoor activities, indoor cafes, and any other leisure location can benefit from the cross-chair series.Simple to accessorise - You can easily match these chairs with a variety of tables and chair cushions.Quality and durability - The design and construction of the cross chair make it reasonably sturdy and long-lasting, and most customers prefer strong and durable items.Easy to carry - Despite their high quality, these chairs are relatively light. Many of them can even be stacked to make transportation easier.Multi-selectivity of materials - You can choose from a variety of materials, as described in the highlighted item below.Conclusion

We at Home Canvas believe that great design can improve our quality of life by making our surroundings more inviting, inspiring, and uplifting. We want to make products that are both innovative and enjoyable, seamlessly combining craftsmanship, exceptional functionality, and beauty. 

We work with a variety of materials and crafts, which usually necessitates working with skilled craftspeople and utilising their skills and craftsmanship to create long-lasting and useful products. Since purchasing chairs online is becoming more common, purchasing from Home Canvas gives you the assurance that the design, upholstery, and colour will meet your requirements.

After careful consideration, the Home Canvas Cross-Back Chair is the undisputed top choice for a low-cost cross-back chair that also provides long-lasting comfort and design. Cross-back chairs add shape and function to any budget, whether you prefer farmhouse, seaside, or French country design. Apart from cross-back chairs, Home Canvas also provides a wide range of tolix chairsThonet chairs, and cafe chairs online. 

Frequently Asked Questions

You can buy cross-back chairs in a mild steel frame consisting of a wooden seat or an Acacia wood frame and seat.

Our cross-back chair is available in a natural wood with matt black colour.

The key features of these chairs include: Sleek design, Versatile design, Light and portable Solid wood, Durable

One must avoid placing these chairs directly under rain or sunlight for a prolonged duration. Along with that, using moist clothes to gently and periodically wipe the chair would keep it at its best.

Generally, we provide a 6 months warranty for our products including cross-back chair and thonet chair. But it is subject to the terms and conditions.

The height of the cross-back chair measures 34 inches. However, the distance from the floor to the seat is 18 inches.


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