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Thonet Tables and Chairs

Create a classic or contemporary look for your home with Home Canvas's Thonet collections. Our cane collection distinguishes itself from traditional Thonet furniture. The Thonet collection from Home Canvas is lightweight, one-of-a-kind, and instantly elevates the vibe of any space, whether it's a café, restaurant, or your own home.

Glancing Through History 

Michael Thonet filed a patent for a new method of bending solid wood more than a century ago. With this single move, the wheels of a new generation of designers who would become modern-day icons were set in motion. Michael Thonet established Gebruder Thonet, or Thonet Brothers in English, which later became Thonet. Despite being founded in Austria, the company quickly became known around the world for its sturdy, low-cost, and functional furniture.

Thonet's strategy had the advantage of allowing him to create the first line of mass-produced furniture that was both attractive and distinctive, thanks to his proprietary bending technology. Prior to Thonet's invention, all furniture was handcrafted by artisans who made each item one at a time. Unfortunately, most buyers were unable to afford high-quality furniture due to expensive manufacturing methods.

Home Canvas has created a collection inspired by Thonet's bentwood furniture to meet your modern needs. Each piece of furniture is intended to be stylish, comfortable, and long-lasting. The aesthetic has been replicated in various materials, giving Home Canvas a distinct edge to help you elevate the aura of your space. Designed with the most popular styles in mind, our collection is elegant yet affordable. From side tables to bar chairs, Home Canvas has it all.

Types of Thonet Furniture Available on Home Canvas 

Our tables and chairs come in a variety of designs. Each piece of furniture has a unique function that caters to your specific needs. Explore the furniture below to learn more!

  1. Thonet Table and Side Table Set
    This Thonet Table and Side Table Set are made of a variety of materials like cane and mild steel. It is aesthetically designed to blend into any home environment, bringing together simple and exquisite Thonet Chairs. The side table can be used in any room of the house, from the living room to the patio, due to its simple design and adaptability. With this modern take on a classic, Home Canvas pays homage to Michael Thonet's skill and brilliance.
  2. Bar Chair
    It is a bar chair inspired by the Thonet Bentwood No. 18, one of the most popular chair designs. The bar chair is lightweight and robust, with a mild-steel frame and a hardwood seat detail.
  3. Cast Iron Table with Thonet Chairs
    This Victorian-inspired cast iron table and Thonet Chair set creates a seamless look. The set's simplicity and adaptability allow it to be used in a variety of settings.

Benefits Of Using A Thonet Table 

Everything at Thonet is trained in-house, from industrial mechanics to woodworking technology to process technicians and logistical personnel. This is how valuable knowledge is passed down through the centuries. Craftsmanship is essential when producing multiple chairs or tables, particularly in the case of the bentwood classic 209, which requires four craftsmen to bend the backrest at the same time. If you're looking for cafe chairs online, check out Thonet’s collection straightway.

In order to protect the environment, the finished frames are delivered to paint shops that are properly equipped to handle powder coating, painting, or chrome plating. Furthermore, Thonet uses its manufacturing facilities to ensure quality control when producing the upholstery and a variety of seats and backrests made of wood, leather, synthetic mesh, or cane work. You can browse the Thonet collection's selection of lounge chairs online as well.

Thonet's Frankenberg factory is a cutting-edge manufacturing facility that respects the ethos, accuracy, and expertise of an artisanal workshop. It is critical to have flawless workmanship and unmistakable quality in processing and materials. Thonet is the best option for those who value environmental responsibility and thoughtful shopping. Furthermore, their classic items are timeless and thus long-lasting in every way.

Why Should You Buy Thonet Furniture On Home Canvas?

Thonet's legacy of providing reasonably priced, elegantly designed and durable items to the commercial sector continues with the Home Canvas, and innovative methods are used to reinterpret his timeless classics. So, go ahead and buy a Thonet chair online from Home Canvas. 

Buy A Thonet Table Online From Home Canvas

When it comes to style, quality, and durability, Home Canvas is the name to remember. We have a selection of reasonably priced Thonet furniture sets. Aside from Thonet furniture, we have a variety of other furniture sets available, such as tolix chairs and cross-back chairs, so whatever your current requirement is, simply browse the section and order it before it sells out. 

Frequently Asked Questions

A bentwood chair may also be referred to as a Thonet Chair in honour of its namesake and creator, Michael Thonet. Despite the fact that bentwood chairs had been constructed for at least two centuries before Thonet was even born, he was the one who perfected the technique that made it easier to bend the wood and enabled mass production to start.

Michael Thonet was the first industrial designer in history, and the phrase "Thonet Style" is only a tribute to him. He had a significant influence on mass production, industrialization, and furniture. Thonet believed that bentwood chairs were particularly inventive because they were produced in large quantities. Due to the production method he developed, Bentwood or Thonet chairs started to appear all over the world, opening up a new market for Europe and the United States' burgeoning economies.

The ideal place to purchase Thonet chairs in Bangalore is Home Canvas because you may browse a variety of options there. We have the fine selection of products under our Thonet Collection. For every taste and location, we have something to offer. You can even buy dining chairs online from our extensive assortment.

Thonet chairs are unmatched in terms of comfort. Their superior level of comfort keeps guests in your restaurant for longer. Additionally, you'll be able to fully enjoy your meal with these seats. The Thonet Chairs are sure to add a touch of sophistication to your fine dining establishment.

Thonet chairs can be personalised to match your restaurant's unique style and even the colours of your brand. Therefore, when selecting Thonet chairs online, take into account elements like distinctive polish, colour, or design.

It is simple to restore or repair damaged or loose cane furniture. If you buy cane furniture online, varnish it at frequent intervals. If the cane weaving gets loose, get it re-woven by a skilled artisan.