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Dining Chairs

  • Wishbone chair

    Original price Rs. 28,995.00
    Original price Rs. 28,995.00 - Original price Rs. 28,995.00
    Original price Rs. 28,995.00
    Current price Rs. 22,995.00
    Rs. 22,995.00 - Rs. 22,995.00
    Current price Rs. 22,995.00

    INTRICATELY CRAFTED ROPE WOVEN CHAIR ^ Designed by Hans Wegner in 1949, this classic chair is named after its wishbone-shaped backrest. Relaxed ...

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  • Mocha chair

    Original price Rs. 17,495.00
    Original price Rs. 17,495.00 - Original price Rs. 17,495.00
    Original price Rs. 17,495.00
    Current price Rs. 13,995.00
    Rs. 13,995.00 - Rs. 13,995.00
    Current price Rs. 13,995.00

    A sustainable Bamboo based Chair^ With keen attention to the finest details, mint design concept and meticulous craftsmanship, this sustainable Ba...

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  • Butterfly chair

    Original price Rs. 19,995.00
    Original price Rs. 19,995.00 - Original price Rs. 19,995.00
    Original price Rs. 19,995.00
    Rs. 15,995.00 - Rs. 18,995.00
    Rs. 15,995.00 - Rs. 18,995.00
    Current price Rs. 15,995.00

    Presenting bamboo as a material for elegant and minimal furniture for seating^ The curves and the composition of the elements makes the form more ...

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  • Maia dining chair

    Original price Rs. 22,495.00
    Original price Rs. 22,495.00 - Original price Rs. 22,495.00
    Original price Rs. 22,495.00
    Current price Rs. 17,995.00
    Rs. 17,995.00 - Rs. 17,995.00
    Current price Rs. 17,995.00

    A contemporary dining chair^ Add a pop of colour to your dining room or study space with the elegant Maia chairs. They are available in a spectrum...

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  • Cross back chair set of 2

    Original price Rs. 16,995.00 - Original price Rs. 29,995.00
    Original price Rs. 16,995.00 - Original price Rs. 29,995.00
    Original price Rs. 16,995.00
    Rs. 12,995.00 - Rs. 23,995.00
    Rs. 12,995.00 - Rs. 23,995.00
    Current price Rs. 12,995.00

    The Element Collection brings together simple and elegant chairs intricately crafted from natural elements such as metal or wood, aesthetically des...

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  • Bern dining chair set of 2

    Original price Rs. 27,495.00 - Original price Rs. 37,995.00
    Original price Rs. 27,495.00 - Original price Rs. 37,995.00
    Original price Rs. 27,495.00
    Rs. 21,995.00 - Rs. 29,995.00
    Rs. 21,995.00 - Rs. 29,995.00
    Current price Rs. 21,995.00

    A medieval wood and metal chair^ The Bern dining chair takes its inspiration from the elegant medieval architecture of the Swiss capital of Bern. ...

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Dining chairs are an essential piece of furniture that can both improve the aesthetic appeal and convenience of your home. These chairs not only allow you to enjoy your meals, but they also provide a comfortable place to sit while studying or working. An elegant dining chair is also ideal for impressing your guests and making interactive sessions more enjoyable. There are numerous styles to choose from, and finding one that matches your preferences and the style of your home is essential. 

The advantages of using a dining chair do not end there. This chair can lift the atmosphere in your house. Sitting in a cosy chair lowers stress and elevates your mood.

At Home Canvas, you can buy dining chairs online by coordinating the chairs with the colours of your rug. You can also select chairs with a wood finish. Given their comfort and style, upholstered chairs are undoubtedly enjoyable to sit in. The dining chairs at Home Canvas are not only comfortable but also elegant and modern. 

Types Of Dining Chairs Available On Home Canvas

Dining chairs come in a variety of styles. There are traditional styles with intricate designs as well as simple wooden chairs. They vary in price and style. Each type has advantages and disadvantages, so it is critical to choose the right one for your dining room. The various types of dining chairs available on Home Canvas are listed below.

  • Dining Chairs with Arms
    Dining chairs with arms are far more ergonomic than chairs without arms. The arms of the chair will provide a place to rest the arms, making them an excellent choice for dining tables. Curved natural cane woven dining chairs with a cushioned seat and space for resting your arms are available at Home Canvas.

  • Dining Chairs with Cushion
    It is best to invest money in a chair with a comfortable cushion seat if you spend a lot of time in your dining chair. Cushions are particularly appealing on long, cold winter days, and they will soften the look of your dining room while also adding a fashionable touch. Dining chairs with cushion seats are available at Home Canvas.

  • Upholstered Dining Chairs
    An upholstered dining chair can make your dining room more comfortable. They're like personal couches that you can sink into and unwind on. Family dinners can last for hours, so having a comfortable chair to sit in will make your meals more enjoyable. Upholstered dining chairs are also a fashionable way to express yourself in your home. Fortunately, Home Canvas has a plethora of options.

  • Crafted Rope Woven Chair
    A crafted rope-woven chair is an excellent choice for a simple yet comfortable dining chair. This type of chair, as the name suggests, is handcrafted from solid wood. The seat of this chair is made of woven rope. This chair is ergonomic, comfortable, and stylish.

  • Colourful Dining Chairs
    It is a contemporary dining chair with metal legs and brightly coloured upholstered fabric. If you want a dining chair that comes in a variety of colours, this is the best option. This chair is sleek, comfortable, and offered in a variety of colours.

  • Cross Back Chair
    This is the best choice if you need a solid wood chair with a cross-back design. This style of chair is made of solid wood, and the backrest is supported by cross-shaped metal slats. It is a portable, lightweight chair with a versatile design.

Things To Consider While Buying Dining Chairs

There are several important factors to consider when you buy dining chairs online. Style, seat proportions, usage, and type are among these considerations. Take these things into account if you're having trouble deciding.

  • Understand the type and style
    When you buy dining chairs online, you must consider the type of chair. Dining chairs of various styles are available online. You have the option of a wooden chair, a metal chair, or a leather chair. Upholstered chairs are the most comfortable and can be found on almost any frame type. Metal and plastic chairs are also long-lasting and simple to clean. Another factor to consider when purchasing a dining chair is style and design. The days of ordinary wooden dining chairs are long gone. In the modern market, chairs come in a wide variety of designs. You can select from rope woven chairs, cross back chairs, spindle back chairs, and other styles.
  • Check the seat proportions
    Seat height is an important consideration when you buy dining chairs online. Additionally, think about the thickness of the tabletop. Seat height is often less important than tabletop thickness, so if you want a high chair, consider raising the table's height.

  • Consider the usage
    Usability is one of the most crucial aspects to take into account when purchasing dining chairs. If you need to move them frequently, choose lightweight and compact models. Buy comfortable chairs if you intend to use them for more than one purpose. Chairs with solid backs and heavy sets are easier to manage.

  • Decide the chairs you need
    When you buy dining chairs online, consider the number of people you intend to seat. Depending on the size of your table, you may require as many as eight or as few as four chairs. It can be difficult to determine how many chairs you require, and you may not need to worry about it because you can always buy more chairs later.

Choosing The Right Dining Chair Based On

There are several tips for selecting the right dining chair, regardless of your budget. First, decide on the material and style you want. Second, think about the size and colour of your room. Third, determine your budget. Here are some tips for selecting the best dining chair.

  • Chairs by Colour
    To create a unified look, match the colours of your table and chairs when selecting dining chairs. Tables and chairs frequently have similar colours, but a difference in the material can create a contrasting look. A wood table with upholstered chairs, for example, can look great together. Contrasting materials balance each other out and add a soft touch. The flooring, on the other hand, will be a different colour than the table and chairs.
  • Chairs by Shape
    When selecting dining chairs, the  shape is an important factor to consider. While you may want to choose chairs that are the same shape as your table, you should also look for chairs that can complement your table. If you have a round dining table, you can choose curved chairs. Straight-back chairs work well with a rectangular table.

  • Chairs by Size
    When shopping for dining chairs, consider the tabletop thickness, length, width, and depth. Seat width and depth must fit within the table's dimensions while still leaving enough space between the chairs. A good rule of thumb is to select chairs with a seating width of 18 inches. The right chair style and size can then be chosen.


Home Canvas is the best place to buy dining chairs online. Whatever type, size, style, material, or number of chairs you require, you will find them at the Home Canvas online store. The chairs are not only comfortable but also reasonably priced. By purchasing suitable dining chairs from the Home Canvas website, you can create a perfect dining space in your home. Buy your Dining chairs online today!

Frequently Asked Questions

There are two essential things about a good dining chair - the design and the quality. Along with that, durability is also an important aspect.

We always use the most superior quality products and for our range of dining chairs we have a wide range of materials ranging from upholstery, wood, cane and mild steel.

Maia dining, Cross back, Nova Dining, and the Bern Dining Chair are some popular dining table chairs exhibiting our style range.

Although people have different preferences while buying dining and even cafe chairs online, some of the key features that a dining chair set must include are an excellent finish, ergonomic design, comfortable, sturdy, and fashionable.

To pick the right dining table and chair size, you must ensure that you know your room size and the other essential inclusions or whether you will be placing them in the kitchen or have a separate dining room.

The best way to take care of the dining chairs is to use them carefully and clean them regularly.

If you are looking for the best place to buy dining chairs online, then the destination has to be Home Canvas. You can also buy cane chairs online from their portal.