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Bar Stools

  • Allure bar stools set of 2

    Original price Rs. 15,995.00
    Original price Rs. 15,995.00 - Original price Rs. 15,995.00
    Original price Rs. 15,995.00
    Current price Rs. 11,995.00
    Rs. 11,995.00 - Rs. 11,995.00
    Current price Rs. 11,995.00

    A barstool crafted for contemporary spaces^ Crafted for modern homes, this minimalist bar stool adds definition to any space it's placed in. It in...

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  • Trinity bar stool

    Original price Rs. 11,995.00
    Original price Rs. 11,995.00 - Original price Rs. 11,995.00
    Original price Rs. 11,995.00
    Current price Rs. 8,995.00
    Rs. 8,995.00 - Rs. 8,995.00
    Current price Rs. 8,995.00

    A modern three-legged barstool^ A contemporary three-legged bar stool ergonomically designed for modern living. The Trinity with an elegant and sl...

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  • Swivel bar stool

    Original price Rs. 11,995.00
    Original price Rs. 11,995.00 - Original price Rs. 11,995.00
    Original price Rs. 11,995.00
    Current price Rs. 8,995.00
    Rs. 8,995.00 - Rs. 8,995.00
    Current price Rs. 8,995.00

    A versatile barstool^ Crafted for modern homes, this minimalist bar stool adds definition to any space it's placed in. The adjustable height mecha...

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If you're redecorating your home and want to add modern bar stools for a distinctive touch, we want to congratulate you on having excellent taste. Modern urban homes in India have evolved over time, and many people prefer to have a small bar cabinet stocked with their favourite wines and liquor bottles. The best way to complement that décor will be to have some matching modern bar stools and comfortable lighting.

Types Of Bar Stools Online

On our Home Canvas portal, we have a variety of modern bar stools. We've selected a few best-selling options for you. You will undoubtedly be pleased when you look at our collection.

  1. Allure Bar Stools - This two-piece set features a solid mango wood top and steel legs. This modern design is ideal for a kitchen island or bar. If you like the earthy wooden feel and this set complements the rest of your décor, book it right away.

  2. Popsicle PP Bar Chair - This bar chair will bring back fond memories of your childhood when indulging in popsicles was a favourite pastime. The bright colours of these chairs will brighten up your living space, and your friends will gravitate toward them from time to time.

  3. V Popsicle Cane Bar Chair - No one can stop you from purchasing a few of these for that special place in your home if you love the earthy feel of cane and the burst of colour. These classic French-style bistro chairs have an intricate resin wicker weave and are ideal for outdoor seating. So, if you're planning a garden party, go for it.

  4. Loom Bar Chair - If elegance is your thing, then this comfortable modern bar stool is for you. It will make any balcony or patio space more comfortable and blend in with existing décor. The rope-woven backrest is both environmentally friendly and durable.

  5. Mesh Bar Chair - This piece of furniture is made of cane and mild steel and has a contemporary style. Because of their design, these chairs can be used in any space in your home, whether it's on your outdoor patio, near the pool, or around your kitchen counter. You can create a cosy space with these modern bar stools to unwind after a long day at work.

The Top Styles Of Contemporary Bar Stools

If you're looking for modern bar stools, take a look at the patterns below on our website. You'll find them, as well as a variety of other styles:

  1. Industrial or Mixed Material Stools - Stools of this type are made of materials such as wood, metal, leather, cane, meshed rope, and so on. The legs are usually made of wrought iron or steel, and the stool's base is made of cane or wood. They are both sturdy and lightweight.

  2. Mid-Century Stools - We describe mid-century modern bar stools as those that were popular from 1947 to 1957. However, any furniture with streamlined designs, muted colours, and a mix of vibrant hues will do. Original mid-century furniture was designed for post-World War II small homes, and as a result, it is still relevant today, as today's apartments have a significant space constraint.

  3. Pedestal Bar Stools - These bar stools are commonly found in commercial pubs, and one must mount onto the seat with the help of a step. These stools are usually adjustable in height and have a soft seat. They have a sophisticated appearance. One leg is typically made of stainless steel.

  4. Bistro Bar Stools - Bistro bar stools look great in cafes or bars, they have sturdy legs with a comfortable upholstered seat. Barstools with a backrest provide added comfort. Footrests on the long legs provide comfort and support.

  5. Rattan Bar Stools - Rattan bar stools are becoming increasingly popular as part of the Bohemian or 'boho' home décor trend. This style of stool, which is often handmade and hand-woven, can be expensive, but it can provide a good degree of comfort due to the natural 'flex' in the material - especially when accessorised with a soft seat pad.

Shop Bar Stools Of Your Favourite Colour

Colours add a unique flair and oomph to your living space. Check out the Home Canvas collection for these vibrant bar stools.

  1. Red - The vibrancy and colour of red will add a special zing to your living space. However, you must be mindful of the colour cohesion of your couch, bar cabinets, and TV cabinets to ensure that this colour complements them. Shades or curtains should also complement the red bar stools.

  2. Black - With black furniture, one can never go wrong because it typically blends in with the rest of the house's decor.
  3. Orange - If you choose orange bar stools for your living room, you should consider the colour of your curtains and couch. Too many colours will create the appearance of a scattered rainbow. Keep two tones in mind and match everything in those colours. 
  4. Grey - This is a neutral colour, so if you have couches in blue or purple tones, they will look great with grey bar stools. Even black and white complement grey well.
  5. Blue - You might think about getting blue bar stools if your house has any shade of blue walls. The finishing touch for your living room can be a white couch and veneer in a blue and white colour scheme.


How To Select The Best Bar Stools For Your Contemporary Home

Now that you've decided on the style and colour of your bar stool, you should consider a few other factors before making your final purchase.

  1. Right height - If you plan on hosting parties, a lower height allows guests to easily reach their drinks while conversing with those standing around the counter. It is a good idea to buy bar stools that can be adjusted to the comfort of the person sitting on them.

  2. Consider material - Avoid purchasing metals that are prone to rust and breakdown. Always choose well-known brands to ensure that you are getting the best value for your money. If you plan to host cocktail parties, consider investing in cane furniture. Cane furniture requires little upkeep and has a remarkable ability to withstand all types of climatic changes.

  3. Functionality - Bar stools are typically used for cocktail parties; however, if you host other types of regular parties, choose bar stools with a backrest. They can be used as chairs for regular family gatherings.

  4. Colour - This is one of the most important factors to consider before making your final decision. If the colour of the bar stool does not match the other furniture, it will appear out of place.

  5. Features - Other than adjustable height and footrest, bar stools do not have many features. Look for them before purchasing the set.

  6. Style - If you have modern-looking furniture in your living room and purchase Victorian-themed bar stools, the overall style may be compromised. Before buying bar stools, consider the overall style of the living room.


Check out our products on the Home Canvas portal if you're looking for online solid wood furniture. Along with modern bar stools, you'll find café chairs, dining chairs, floor lamps, office chairs, and a variety of other items. For all of your needs, we are consistently expanding our collection. For any online solid wood furniture, Home Canvas is your one-stop shop!

Frequently Asked Questions

For modern bar stools there are usually a lot of options however we suggest that you go with one which has a wider base that lets you sit comfortably.

The bar stools are usually higher than the normal chairs so that you can take up drinks comfortably from the bar table and do not have to sprain your neck.

If your bar stools are wobbling, provide a small support at the base.

Usually for modern bar stools we tend to use cane, mild steel and mango wood.

- When choosing bar stools measure the total distance between the ground and the table top, and minus the from the table, and order based on the sizes offered. - To catch the attention of the onlookers, ensure that the bar stools are of supreme quality, this holds important when you are buying other furniture like the thonet chair or tolix chair. - Consider the available designs with your home décor before ordering.

A table lamp is a fantastic way to alter the atmosphere of a space without losing design. It can be positioned wherever on a table, from the front to the back, thanks to its adaptable position. They are also perfect for use in bedrooms, where reading and studying call for bright light.